Guaranteed rise in pensions will help 84,974 in South East Wales

Due to recent changes, every pensioner will get a guaranteed rise in their state pension matching the highest of inflation, increase in average earning or 2.5%.

This means that this year 84,974 people in South Wales East will get a rise of £4.50 a week, totalling £19.9 million of extra money for pensions in South […]

Veronica German calls for update on feasibility test

Veronica German has today called for the Assembly Government to reveal the findings of the feasibility test on the Newport to Ebbw Vale rail link.

The feasibility test, conducted by Network Rail for the Welsh Assembly Government, was intended to assist the Government into making an informed decision on the next steps that need to […]

Assembly Government needs to speak up for people of Merthyr

The Merthyr Liberal Democrats first became aware of Covanta’s proposals for an incinerator in 2008 and immediately organised a public meeting in the town centre.

From then on we have been trying to raise awareness of this issue.

This is not what some might describe as Nimbyism (‘Not in my back yard’). This is making […]

Veronica German AM welcomes revised TIC report

Veronica and Cllr Jacqui Sullivan campaigning for the TICs to remain open

Assembly Member for South Wales East, Veronica German, has welcomed the publication of a revised report on the Tourist Information Centres in Monmouthshire, which now clearly states the value to visitors of personal contact.

Ms German commented:

“Since the previous discussion paper […]

Veronica German AM calls for Caerleon funding to continue

To mark Wales Tourism Week, Veronica German AM has this week urged the First Minister in Plenary to support her calls for Caerleon heritage site to continue receiving funds to enable further investigation on the area.

Last spring students being trained in how to use mapping equipment discovered evidence for a Roman city outside the […]

Organ Donation Opt Out Bill will be a Welsh Lib Dem priority for next Assembly term

Responding to the Health Minister’s statement to withdraw the organ donation opt-out LCO, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister, Veronica German said:

“Withdrawing the order was a logical step given last week’s referendum result however an Organ Donation Opt-Out Bill should be a priority in the next Assembly term. The Welsh Liberal Democrats are fully […]

Time to end the ‘one size fits all’ approach to social care

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will be using their opposition debate this week to call on the Labour-Plaid Government to increase the use of personalised budgets for social care patients and scrap the ‘one size fits all current’ model.

Veronica German AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister, is calling for a radical change in social […]

Fair contaminated blood compensation following calls from Welsh Liberal Democrats

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Veronica German AM has today welcomed the news that Welsh Assembly Government has confirmed that they will be providing compensation to Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal.

In January the UK government confirmed that payments to people in England who contracted Hepatitis C as a […]

More must be done to tackle child poverty

Veronica German AM has spoken out regarding South Wales East having many areas in Wales that has the worst rate of severe child poverty in Wales

A report, released by Save the Children, has shown that around 14% of children in Wales are living in severe poverty. This is higher than any other nation of […]

Renewed call for equal compensation for Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have renewed calls for the Welsh Assembly Government to act quickly to ensure that Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal receive the same compensation as those in England.

Last month, the UK government confirmed that payments to people in England who contracted Hepatitis C as a result of being given […]