Assembly Government needs to speak up for people of Merthyr

The Merthyr Liberal Democrats first became aware of Covanta’s proposals for an incinerator in 2008 and immediately organised a public meeting in the town centre.

From then on we have been trying to raise awareness of this issue.

This is not what some might describe as Nimbyism (‘Not in my back yard’). This is making […]

First Minister is turning his back on Merthyr and the incinerator

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales East, Veronica German has today questioned the First Minister on his government’s involvement in the proposed Covanta Incinerator in Merthyr.

Speaking in the Assembly today Ms German asked if he could explain why the First Minister had stated that his government was a not a statutory consultee […]

Veronica German AM attends ‘No Incinerator’ action day

Veronica at the action day with Cllr Bob Griffin

Welsh Liberal Democrats Veronica German AM and Councillor Bob Griffin last weekend took part in a ‘No Monster Incinerator’ action group day in Merthyr town centre.

Over the course of the day, 600 local residents completed and signed the IPC (Infrastructure Planning Commission) registration forms in […]

Green Jobs launch in Merthyr Tydfil

I recently attended the Friends of the Earth’s launch of a report on the possibilities for Green Jobs in the Heads of the Valleys area. Here is Julian explaining the potential for Green jobs in Merthyr.

Veronica German AM meets local Girl Guides

Veronica with Cerys and Kate

Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Veronica German, has paid a visit to Merthyr Girl Guides to discuss combating body image pressure felt by women and girls.

Girl Guiding UK and the Liberal Democrats have been campaigning together to make girls feel confident about their own body and to […]

Improved response times in South Wales East are needed

Liberal Democrat Health and Wellbeing spokesperson, Veronica German, has today expressed her disappointment on hearing that August Ambulance waiting time statistics in Newport have worsened in every single category when compared to those of the previous month.

The percentage of calls resulting in an emergency response arriving within 8 minutes was down 4.5%, whilst those […]