Much needs to be done to deliver the mental health services that Wales needs

We all want to be physically healthy but, from time to time, we will experience ill health – whether it’s a simple cold or something more serious.

And, just like our physical health, we will, from time to time, experience mental ill health too.

Statistics show one in four people will develop some kind of […]

Veronica German AM welcomes Mental Health Measure

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Veronica German AM is today welcoming the final approval from the Welsh Assembly Government for the Proposed Mental Health (Wales) Measure.

Ms German is part of the legislation committee which is responsible for considering the measure.

Ms German commented: “I hope that this measure will […]

Veronica German AM calls for the end of age discrimination in mental health care

Veronica German, the Liberal Democrat Health and Wellbeing spokesperson, has this week raised a question regarding elderly people not receiving adequate Mental Health care, something the First Minister openly refused to acknowledge.

According to the final report from the UK Inquiry into Mental Health and Well-Being in Later Life, nearly 200,000 people who experience […]

Is it time for a Welsh campaign to end mental health stigma?

“What will my friends say, I can’t tell them, they won’t understand. What would my parents think? They’d be so ashamed if they knew. And my partner, what if they leave me? I can’t tell the kids, they’re too young and won’t get it. I can’t tell anyone, people will laugh. I might lose my […]