Unacceptable number of people waiting over 36 weeks for treatment

Welsh Government figures released yesterday show that for the fourth month in a row, the amount of people waiting longer than 36 weeks for treatment has gone up, from 333 to 1,774, an increase of 500% from May to September.

Government statistics for the month of September released yesterday, also show that the number of people waiting longer than the government target of 26 weeks has gone up by over 2000 from 11,227 people in August to 13,536 in September.

Cardiac treatment waiting times are also up with 72 people waiting more than 36 weeks for treatment compared to no one waiting for treatment in April.

It is unacceptable that 13,536 people are waiting more than 7 months for treatment in the Welsh NHS, longer than the Labour-Plaid Government set targets. What gives more cause for concern is the number of people waiting over 10 months to begin their treatment. This figure has shot up from May to September with 1,774 people waiting for an unacceptably long time. What is happening to our health service?

The Health Minister clearly doesn’t have a grip on waiting times as cardiac referral times are especially worrying with 72 patients waiting more that 36 weeks to start their treatment. Waiting more that 10 months for cardiac treatment is horrendously long and for many patients could mean the difference between life and death.

The people of Wales are not getting the health service that they deserve and the Labour-Plaid government is failing the people of this country. Unsafe hospital buildings, inadequate cancer care, worse ambulance response times than England and Scotland, massive waste and inefficiency and now longer waiting times are just the some of the problems facing the service. It’s time the Health Minister got a grip of a worrying situation.

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