Meeting Baroness Shirley Williams

Yesterday I was proud to welcome Baroness Shirley Williams, former Lib Dem leader of House of Lords, to South East Wales when she visited the Drill Hall in Chepstow. After holding a book signing for her new book she took time to meet with members and discuss a range of issues from the Welsh NHS to the Severn Barrage.

I was encouraged too when she highlighted the importance of parties from across the political spectrum working together if they are to achieve the goal of keeping Newport Passport Office open.

It was a pleasure to listen to Shirley speak so passionately about things that have happened throughout her life. To hear of how she overcame prejudices that she faced as a woman was a true inspiration and illustrated how much things have improved.

She continues to campaign relentlessly around the country and in the House of Lords fighting for civil liberties that over the years have sadly been eroded. She is an enormous asset to the Liberal Democrats and respected by politicians from across all parties. It was an honour to have met such a respected politician.

My thanks go out to those who helped organise the event as well as to the members who attended and contributed to the lively debate which I know Shirley enjoyed very much.

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